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Ludo King is now available to play on your mobile phone and it has a lot of modes where you can easily invite all your friends and can play with them. The basic reason for introducing it for a mobile phone is that Ludo is the most popular game in the subcontinent. A lot of people have played it with their friends and now they can again play it with their friends easily. Earn diamonds by playing this game and you can invest them against your friends to get more diamonds after winning the game.

Application Name Ludo King
System Requirements Android 4.3 and above
App Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 105+ Million
App size 19 MB
Category Board Game
All Features Available
Last Updated 01 Days Ago





Lduo King

Introduction To Ludo King

Ludo was the most popular game in India and almost everyone has played this game in their childhood. Developers have designed it for them just to recall their past and also reunite their friends. Moreover, many people have played this game physically and now is the time to invite your friends and start playing with them to recall your past. Several mini-games are also available to play with your friends and you can easily win against them if you have downloaded the mod version. Get unlimited six and many more in this version of Ludo King Download to get more six and countless diamonds.

Q. Can I play it with a single friend?

Yes, two players can easily play it and you can also invite more friends to play in the form of a team.

Q. Can I get unlimited six using this version?

Yes, get unlimited six using this version and you will get six each time.

Lduo King


Ludo King Apk Download contains a lot of features. Get all these features easily and have a look below.

Online Game

Start playing your ludo using an internet connection to invite your friends and you can start playing it against them all. Moreover, a lot of random players are also available where you can play it with them to earn as well as win gold. Get help from this game to play with other players who are available online from different countries.

Lduo King

Invite Friends

Recall your childhood by inviting different people available online from all over the world and you can easily play with them. Moreover, play it with a single player or you can also play in the form of a team. This will never let you bored and you can earn unlimited coins as well as gold.

Mini Games

A lot of mini-games are also available to play and you can defeat all other players easily. In this way, start your practice in these mini-games to defeat all your opponents and become the best player. Play against higher players to defeat them and a little practice can help you to become the best player.

Make New Friends

Chat option is also available where you can easily share your skills as well as tactics with others. In this way, get a chance to make new friends and also create a bond with them on social media platforms. Share your tricks with your friends who are new to this game. Ludo King Mod Apk also provides unlimited coins and you can invest all these coins and can earn a lot of money.

Get Unlimited Six in Ludo King Download

The standard version contains a random number on your dice. Download this premium version and you will get the numbers on your dice according to your mind. Get unlimited six whenever you want and it will help you to win easily. Six numbers can help you to move your dice faster and win the game easily.

Add Friends From Facebook

Sign up for Ludo King Mod Apk with your Facebook account and invite all your Facebook friends. In this way, you can have fun with them and show them your skills. Also, share your skills with your friends using the chat bar and you can send a lot of emojis as well.

Choose A Theme

A lot of themes are available where you can explore them. At the same time, select your favorite theme and you can also change themes whenever you want. Never worry about these themes and choose your favorite one easily.

Unlimited Coins

The standard version provides you with limited coins and you have to use these coins to win the game. On the other hand, you have to purchase coins if you lose all of them. Get this premium version of Ludo King where you can get unlimited coins and these coins will never end.

Free From Ads

The standard version also shows different ads and many players are not interested in watching these ads. Developers have solved this problem and provided the premium version where you can easily play your game without watching ads. All ads are removed completely and you can start playing your game easily.

Lduo King

Practice Offline

Start playing this game even if you have no internet connection. Get the practice mode where you can play games with the bots and this practice can help you to win easily after connecting it to the internet.

Final Words

Ludo King Apk offers the best board game where everyone can recall their past. Get a chance to play as well as reunite with your friends. Spend a good time with them by playing it. At the same time, share this premium version with your friends on Facebook and Instagram. Help them win the game easily against other players.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. How to win Ludo King?

Use the mod version to win the game easily and get an unlimited six.

Q. How to earn money from Ludo King?

Invest your real money and you can earn more if you win the game.

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